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You put your left foot in…

An Operations Manager based in Herefordshire. A piano playing, trumpet playing, godmother to 5, up for most things, if only once.

Back in 1990 Sarah spent three months on expedition in Botswana with Raleigh International (back then Operation Raleigh), with the thought that one day she would go back to Botswana to explore further.
That was it, the seed was sown for what is to come next. The overland drive from the wilds of Hampshire to Cape Town.

Having discovered very quickly a likeness for an adventure. Rob and Sarah set about drumming up ideas for where to go. Initial thoughts were to buy a tourer and explore Europe further, yet like a number of people out there, work and pleasure has taken them to many European destinations already. Therefore, what else was there to do but drive to Cape Town – seemed quite an obvious option in October 2009!

Thereafter the search for a ‘Landy’ commenced. Or the short list of wants was created….110, white, good nick… hmmm…there is a lot out there, but not many were making it to the short list. It was then whilst away on business and stood outside a hotel in Blackpool that Sarah got a call from a very excited Rob who had ‘found the one’….thinking he meant her…. soon realised he was referring to the Landrover.
So, there we have it, after a few ums and ahhs, “Alfie” was purchased. Sarah drove back to Hampshire with emotions lurching from excited to “oh my god, what are we doing”.


Smile you bugger

A Solutions Architect by day, a planner of adventures by night. Rob had originally planned to tour South America and trek the Inca trail but these plans were soon to change to trundling around Europe in a bus. Now there’s nothing wrong with that, but like many adventurous sorts, Rob had already travelled reasonably extensively throughout Europe. And Indonesia.  And Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam etc. etc. and other large swathes of Australasia over the preceding 20 years or so. So something a little more adventurous was required.

Having spent some of his formative years in South Africa, midway through a case of wine one evening, the plan was hatched to drive the 20,000+ miles over 20+ countries as far south as possible. Until the only thing ahead was sea. And penguins.

The idea was obvious when put like that. And indeed faultless.