We are supporting a couple of charities on our route through Africa. Feel free to donate a couple of quid to one or other, or even better, both.

Sarah was diagnosed with Idiopathis Pulmonay Fibrosis (IPF) in 2000, which is caused by repeated injury to small areas of the lung.  This results in inflammation of the lungs and then scarring, which stop the lungs doing their job – taking oxygen from the air and passing it into the blood.  This means that Sarah may at times have breathing difficulties or get breathless from simple activities such as walking and talking (but she seems to do ok most of the time, well, talking at least…!!).

It’s not known what has caused the condition but in Sarah’s case, we are pretty sure it was a result of a virus.  It is also known as called ‘Cryptogenic Fibrosing Alveolitis’ – (CFA).

IPF is one of the less common lung diseases but is most common in people over 50. People may need treatment for the rest of their lives. This is because IPF is suppressed rather than cured, therefore, we hope to raise money to do our bit of help towards the on-going research needed to understand the disease more and perhaps one day find a cure.

Friends have told us that the work Water Aid have provided has produced amazing results for the local communities.

So get clicking and please help support our charities.

Many thanks.

Alfie, Rob & Sarah.